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Linda Robbins Coleman   

*****Sigma Alpha Iota Member Laureate


You are invited to visit the composer's website for more information.


Annual Updates


linda robbins colemanNEWS

She spent much of the 2010 - 2011 season on leave from music in order to care for her 92-year-old mother who died in August. During this time she worked on a collection of original poetry scheduled for publication in 2012. In February, Coleman agreed to serve as a judge for the SAI IAMA competition and was commissioned to write a work to be performed at the 2012 SAI National Convention. Her music continues to be widely performed and broadcast throughout North America and Europe. She is currently working on commissions for string orchestra, wind ensemble, jazz band, and choir.


Concertino Mediterraneo for chamber ensemble, Women-in-Music, Columbus, OH, Sept. 2010. Hibernia Suite for string quartet, Women-in-Music, Columbus, OH, Oct. 2010.  Lunatics and Lovers, broadcast, Iowa Public Radio, Oct. 2010. In Good King Charles’s Golden Days, fifteenth anniversary and hundredth performance, Occasional Orchestra Performing Society, March 2011. Symphonic poem, Journeys, featured on “Now is the Time” in Philadelphia, Aug. 2011.


New edition of In Good King Charles’s Golden Days, Dec. 2010.  Nouveau Retro Suite, a new work for string orchestra, Jan. 2011. A complete listing of new orchestra, chamber, and solo publications can be viewed at her web site. All music and recordings are available through Coleman Creative Services.


Youthful Exuberance, CD of chamber and solo works by Coleman, including Vignettes for a Summer Evening, Mourning Song, A Nocturne For Willy, and Valses Régression, TechnoBabe Recordings, Nov.  2010.  



SAI Member Laureate Linda Robbins Coleman has been active in music composition, poetry, and American history during the past year.  She is currently completing three music composition commissions for chamber, wind, and vocal ensembles. Her music is licensed through BMI, Inc. In 2011 Coleman Creative Services celebrates its 35th anniversary of service to the cultural community. She was recently named an IAMA composer-judge for the 2012 SAI National Convention in Atlanta.


Elegy For The Greatest Generation by the Des Moines Community Orchestra directed by Carl B. Johnson on 2/28/10.  It was given a second performance by the Dayton Philharmonic in Dayton, OH under the direction of Neal Gittleman on their annual Memorial Day Concert.PERFORMANCES: Concertino Mediterraneo by Center For New Music at the University of Iowa on 10/09.  Hibernia Suite by the Maia String Quartet on the Iowa Composers Forum / Society of Composers, Inc. annual festival of new music on 10/09.  For a Beautiful Land by the Westmont Orchestra conducted by Michael Shasberger in Santa Barbara, CA on 2/10.  Lunatics and Lovers suite for orchestra by Orchestra Iowa conducted by Timothy Hankewich in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City on 2/10.


Lunatics and Lovers, the Overture and Bacchanalia suite for full orchestra is now available for performance, as is the tone poem, Elegy for the Greatest Generation.  These along with a complete listing of new orchestra, chamber and solo publications by Linda Robbins Coleman can be viewed at her web site, and all music and recordings are available through Coleman Creative Services.


Journeys featuring Coleman’s orchestra works was re-issued on 5/10, and now includes her latest commission, Elegy For The Greates Generation.




The composer has been awarded a commission from the Des Moines Community Symphony to write a piece honoring the memory of its former conductor, Richard Gerstenberger; it will premiere in 2010. She remains active with Orchestra Iowa, both as a member of the Artistic Committee and having served as a judge on its “Iowa Makes Music” collaboration with NPR’s From the Top in March. Her music continues to be widely performed and broadcast throughout North America and Europe. An article about Coleman and her husband, playwright and theatre director William S. E. Coleman, titled “Seasons of Success,” appeared in the summer issue of the Cultural Community Spotlight. In January 2009, the Spotlight also published one of Coleman’s articles titled “Should the United States have an Arts/Culture Secretary at the Cabinet Level?” Currently she is working on commissions for orchestra, wind, and vocal ensembles; her music is licensed through BMI.


Journeys, A Symphonic Poem, was performed in December 2008 by the Clemson University Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Andrew Levin. The symphonic poem For a Beautiful Land was presented May 7, 2009, on the season finale of the New Parnassas Philharmonia under the direction of James Endersby. The symphonic overture to In Good King Charles’s Golden Days received its 100th performance June 27 by the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra conducted by José-Luis Novo. On September 27, the Center For New Music at the University of Iowa performed Concertino Mediterraneo under the direction of David Gompper, University Capital Centre Recital Hall.


Fanfare and Celebration, horn octet and two percussion (new edition), by Coleman Creative Services.


If We Could Laugh Once More, works by Coleman, Poulenc and Weill; soprano Nancy Cooper accompanied by the composer; TechnoBabe Recordings.



On May 16, 2008, Sigma Alpha Iota Member Laureate Linda Robbins Coleman was awarded Drake University’s Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award at the Drake National Awards Dinner. This honor is bestowed annually to one individual for outstanding achievement in a career or profession and reflects the pride of Drake University in those achievements. To date, her music has been performed and broadcast by more than 70 orchestra and chamber ensembles in 26 states in the US, as well as in England, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. She is currently completing commissions for orchestra, wind ensemble, and chamber groups. A member of the Artistic Committee of Orchestra Iowa, she continues to work with other arts organizations and individuals.


Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Lauren Green, performed The Celebration! A Symphonic Jubilee in October 2007. In March 2008, the Garden State Philharmonic, led by Anthony LaGruth, presented Hibernia Suite; selections from the same work were performed by the Clemson String Quartet on two concerts in April. Journeys, a symphonic poem, was heard May 11 in a concert by the Des Moines Community Orchestra, conducted by Carl B. Johnson. Warminster Symphony Orchestra, directed by Joseph Lovecchi, performed the symphonic overture In Good King Charles’s Golden Days May 17.


Orchestral Music Online, the most recent iteration of David Daniels’s classic repertoire reference work became available through Scarecrow Press. It includes five of Coleman’s orchestra works. This new online edition, at, provides greater and easier access to more information on composers and works and is based on the critically acclaimed fourth edition of the printed reference work Orchestral Music: A Handbook.


Journeys, orchestral music; Rags to Riches, recent solo and chamber works; both CDs by TechnoBabe Recordings.

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