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Alex Shapiro   


You are invited to visit the composer's website for more information.

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alex shapiroPREMIERES

Immersion, a symphony for winds, percussion and prerecorded soundscape, University of Minnesota Symphonic Band, Jerry Luckhardt, conductor, Feb. 2011; Activist Music, publisher. Paper Cut, for wind band, prerecorded electronics and printer paper, Singapore premiere, Singapore American School Band, Brian White, conductor, May 2011. Unabashedly More, a mixed chamber sextet, ensemble Lunatics at Large, Carnegie Hall, NY, March 2011. Intermezzo for Cello and Piano, Douglas Davis, cello, Rowena Hammill, piano, Friday Harbor, WA, Aug. 2011. Below, Peter Sheridan, contrabass flute and prerecorded soundscape, Japan premiere in Kyoto, Japan, Aug. 2011.  Unabashedly Said, Palomar, mixed chamber sextet, Toronto, Oct. 2011.  Spark, Teresa McCollough, piano, NYC, Nov. 2011. Permanent Spark, Fifth House Ensemble, mixed chamber sextet, Chicago, Feb. 2012.


Vista, for violin and prerecorded soundscape; Karen Bentley Pollick, violin; Olomouc, Czech Republic, April 2011. Slowly, searching, for solo piano, Susanne Kessel, piano, Zwickau, Germany, May 2010. Elegiac, Cross Island Ensemble, clarinet, cello, and piano, Oakdale, NY, May 2011. Music for Two Big Instruments, Tony Zilincik, tuba, Caroline B. Salido, Columbus, Ohio, Oct. 2011. Paper Cut, for wind band, prerecorded electronics and printer paper, VanderCook College of Music Symphonic Band, Charles Menghini, conductor, The Midwest Clinic, Chicago, Dec. 2011.


Permanent Spark (2011), Flute/Piccolo, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Piano; one movement, commissioned in 2011 by Sherwin Abrams for the Fifth House Ensemble. Unabashedly Said (2011), Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, French Horn, Violin, Cello and Piano. Transplanted (2011), Viola and Harpsichord, commissioned by Sherwin Abrams. Of Song and Touch (2011), Euphonium and Piano, commissioned by Robert Benton.  Intermezzo for Cello and Piano (2011), for Rowena Hammill and Douglas Davis. Spark (2011), Solo Piano, commissioned by Sherwin Abrams. Unabashedly More (2011), Flute/Piccolo, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano, commissioned in 2010 by Lunatics at Large ensemble. Intermezzo for Bass Flute and Piano (2011), commissioned by Jenni Olson.  Deep (2011), Alto Flute and Electronic Soundscape on CD. Immersion (2011), Symphonic wind band and Electronic Soundscape on CD, “Depth,” “Surface” and “Beneath.” All Activist Music, Publisher.




Alex Shapiro is President of the American Composers Forum of Los Angeles, CA, and a very active public speaker in the new music community. She moderated several 2005 Los Angeles events, including the American Composers Forum Salon Series, interviews with composers Billy Childs and Don Davis at Walt Disney Concert Hall following the dress rehearsals of their respective premieres with the Los Angeles Master Chorale. She was the 2005 New Music Festival Moderator at Santa Clara University, February 2004, featuring composers Chen Yi and Alvin Singleton. Shapiro was also the featured composer in the ten-page autobiographical lead article, “Compose, Communicate and Connect,” for the Spring 2005 issue of the Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music. She was also profiled in the March 2005 SEAMUS Online magazine by the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States. Alex Shapiro invites readers to visit her website at to read more about her work and to listen to audio samples of her recent pieces.


Plasma was introduced in April 2005 by the Los Angeles Flute Quartet, 60 x 60 Project, New York, NY. Desert Tide was first heard in a September performance by soprano saxophonist Douglas Masek, 2005 Stellenbosch Music and Art Festival, Cape Town, South Africa. Ensemble Green presented Desert Notes for oboe, bassoon, and piano in October, Los Angeles, CA.


Piano Suite No.1: The Resonance of Childhood was performed by pianist Susanne Kessel in April 2005 in Reykjavik, Iceland; July in Bad Neuenahr, Germany; and September in Bonn, Germany. Music for Two Big Instruments was presented in May by tubaist Alan Baer in Los Angeles, CA. Harpsichordist Kathleen McIntosh and violinist Robin Lorentz presented Slip in June, Havana, Cuba. Sonata for Piano was performed by Teresa McCollough in June at the Beijing Modern Music Festival, China. The Los Angeles Flute Quartet performed Bioplasm in San Francisco, CA, January 2006.


Chakra Suite, Indian 32-string veena and electronic soundscape on CD, one movement (commissioned Shri Thakur Chakrapani Singh); Unhinged, electronics (created for the 2005 60 x 60 Project); Desert Tide, soprano saxophone and electronic soundscape on CD, one movement (commissioned Douglas Masek); Deep, contrabassoon and electronic soundscape on CD (commissioned Carolyn Beck); all by Activist Music.


Above and Beyond: “Bioplasm,” Los Angeles Flute Quartet; LAFQ Records 0605 CD. Coast to Coast: “Music for Two Big Instruments,” Alan Baer, tuba, and Bradley Haag, piano; Baer Tracks Records CD. La Discordantia: “Slip,” Antonio D’Andrea, violin and Maria Clotilde Siene, harpsichord; DC Records CD. Beck and Call: “Of Breath and Touch,” Carolyn Beck, bassoon, and Delores Stevens, piano; Deep, contrabassoon and electronic soundscape, Carolyn Beck, contrabassoon; Crystal Records CD.

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