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Halide K. Smith   

 *Sigma Alpha Iota Member

Annual Updates



Halide Smith


Chopin Goes Boogie, New Star, Mexican Little Star, Sunshine, Whistle, Sand and Water, Lolly Owens, Marge Bennett, Music to Art Demonstration, Dancing Crane Art Gallery, Bradenton, FL, 2/7/15. Birinci, Song of Tajako, Song of Tatuam, Amanda Lyon, flute, Stephanie Daige, oboe, Mary Webb, piano; also Melody in G Minor, Sally Jenkins, violin, Frances Wood Thompson, piano, 3/14/15.


Halide K. Smith was honored by the members of Sarasota-Manatee Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota at the season opening program, Francesca Veglia, presenter, 9/12/15.




Halide Kamay Smith is a composer and artist, composing music for a variety of musical instruments from contemporary to classic. She paints in oil, watercolor and acrylic.  As a child of Kazan Turks, Ms. Smith was born and raised in Korea and moved to Turkey at a young age.  While in Korea, Ms. Smith studied piano from a German teacher.  Ms. Smith is world-traveled and has been influenced by many cultures which are reflected in her unique and innovative musical compositions. Once she moved to the United States, she attended Northern Oklahoma College studying music. She also studied orchestration at Oklahoma State University.  Halide has received many awards for her music, paintings and photographs. Her music has been performed in many venues while collectors of her paintings reside worldwide. 


Inspiration, Dreamland, Mexican Little Star Festival, Stephanie Daige (see above); complementary paintings of Festival, Dreamland included in printed program. Dedication, Ann Stephensen-Moe, organ, SAI Sarasota-Manatee Chapter Memorial Concert, Church of the Redeemer, Sarasota, FL, 3/2/14; also, 3/26/14.


Song of Tatuam, Stephanie Daige, oboe (SAI Sarasota-Manatee Alumnae Chapter President), recorded piano, Sarasota Florida Branch, National League of American Pen Women,1/8/14.


Tranquility, songs, MusArt.





Whistle, Estelle Schultz, flute, Mary Webb, piano, Eerht Dnilb Ecim (revised), Francesca Veglia and Carole Cornman sopranos, Mary Webb, piano, Sigma Alpha Iota Sarasota-Manatee Chapter musicale,
Feb. 2011.


Sun Shine, My Friend Judi, Uskudar, Mary Webb, piano, for the SAI Sarasota-Manatee Chapter Musicale, Sarasota Florida, also If I Were Three, Amanda Lyon, flute and CD,  Feb. 2011.




Halide K. Smith received a musical award from the Florida State Association of the NLAPW on November 20th 2009.  The award was for the instrumental score written for flute, cello and piano If I Were Three (Individuals).   On 1/17/10, Mrs. Smith was featured at the Sarasota Allegro Music Academy, “Meet the Composer” presentation. Students of the academy performing Halide’s piece, Birinci were flutist Victoria Williams, violinist Katherine Williams and pianist Shanil Wijesinghe.  Also, pianist Mary Webb introduced My Friend Judi, Eerht Dnilb Ecim and Anniversary Song.


If I Were Three (Individuals) by Estelle Schultz, flute; Elenita Musgrove and Karolyn Silbough, Cellists; and Beverly Whitby, piano at the Sarasota Branch of the National League of American Pen Women Musicale in in Sarasota, FL on 1/13/10.


Melody in G Minor by Edward Pritchett, violin and Mary Webb, piano at the Allegro Music Academy for the American Composer’s program in Sarasota FL on 11/15/09.  Sight and Sounds of MusArt (refers to Halide’s music and paintings) for the Sarasota Branch of the National League of American Pen Women at the St. Paul Lutheran Church, Sarasota, FL on 1/13/2010.  Other compositions included Birinci (flute, violin and piano), Fur Ball (flute and violin), Edilah (violin and piano), Anniversary Song (piano solo) and If I were Three (flute, cello and piano).   Performing were Estelle Schultz, Edward Pritchett, Elenita Musgrove, Karolyn Silbough, Mary Webb and Beverly Whitby.  Each piece was accompanied with Halide’s various art works.  If I Were Three was performed by Estelle Schultz, flute; Karolyn Silbough, cello; and Dorothy Whaley, piano for the Sarasota Federated Music Club’s recital on 3/19/10.




The composer presented a musical program November 15, 2008, titled “Sights and Sounds of MusArt,” showcasing both her musical compositions and artistic works, to the Sigma Alpha Iota Sarasota-Manatee (FL) Alumnae Chapter. Edilah, for violin and piano, was introduced at the event. Other works, including Birinci, for flute, violin, and piano; Anniversary Song, for piano solo; Fur Ball, for oboe duet; and Melody in G Minor, for violin and piano were performed, while her art work was displayed with each piece.


Pianist Webb performed Raging Ocean October 8, 2008, at a National League of Pen Women program at the Bird Key Yacht Club, Sarasota, FL; a recording of Celebration for brass ensemble was heard on the same program. Fur Ball, for flute and oboe, was presented January 17, 2009, at the SAI Lambda Province weekend Musicale by Christopher and Stephanie Daige, Stetson University, Deland, FL; the work was repeated as an oboe duet March 8, with Daige and Alyssa McKeithen at The Patricia Stenberg Memorial Concert (named for SAI past National President) in Sarasota, FL. Adam De Sorgo and Karen Birch Blundell presented the oboe duet version March 20, to the Sarasota (FL) Federated Music Club, while a version for flute duet was presented by Lenore Horner and Marilyn Hutfilz April 15, for the American Association of University Women Musical in Sarasota.



Recordings of I Hear Voices (voice), Celebration (piano), and Raging Ocean (piano) were played at the Florida State Association of the National League of American Pen Women (NLAPW) 2007 Conference at the Plantation Inn, Crystal River, FL. The composer received awards for all three works.


Her new composition, Anniversary Song, recorded for strings, was heard in June 2008 at the Harrington House, Holmes Beach FL. The work was composed in honor of Dr. Jim and Joan Symon’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.


Many of the composer’s recorded compositions were heard November 2, 2007, at the Longboat Key Center for the Arts, for the Annual Art Exhibition of the Sarasota Branch of the NLAPW.

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