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Mary Jane Tashiro   


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Miniatures, Op. 69, Nos. 1, 2, 3 for one piano, 4 Hands, Michael Tong Joshua Sun, pianos, 12/15/13. Pourquoi?, Op. 71, Gabriel Tevan, violin, Anthony  Mubiala, viola, Mary Jane Tashiro, piano, 6/21/15.


The Water Is Wide, Irish Folk Tune, The Prayer by Sager & Foster, Tashiro, arranger. Timeless Piano Solos, Tashiro, piano, Memorial Service teacher Dorothy Weiss, Leisure Village, Camarillo, CA, 6/8/13.


Children’s Piano Course: Fun Piano Solos in D, Duets in G & D, Op.50; Zara’s 1st Note Reading Songs, Op. 18-A; Familiar Tunes, Bks. 1 and 2 (2013 & 2015). Advanced Works: Forever Music, Op. 68, Nos. 1 & 2 (2013); Uplifting Songs.....loved by audiences, Op. 67, Arr. by MJT 2013; Miniatures, Op. 69, Nos. 1, 2, 3, one piano, 4 Hands (2013); Pourquoi?, Op. 71, Trio for Violin/Viola/Piano (2015). Publisher: MJT Music.


In August, 2012, the president of the Northern Westchester Music School adopted the Children’s Piano Course to be used by the school. A year later on 10/20/13, a workshop entitled, Piano Teaching with Love, was given in Coldsprings, NY, at the request of a Broadway singer, who couldn’t read notes and realized how easy it was to learn through this method. Her teacher was her mother, my 1st teacher/student who is on the faculty of the Northern Westchester Music School. The response was enthusiastic and 3 teachers are now actively teaching the course. The 1st published books are now in the WORLDCAT (catalogue) system of the Westchester Library: Magical Moving Moments, Bks. 1, 2, and 3 and the CD called Piano Compositions by Mary Jane Tashiro are at the Warner library in Tarrytown, New York and Greenburgh Library in Elmsford, New York.

It has been an “eye opener” for me to discover that the high school seniors, who I have been specifically commissioned to compose for, continue to “step up to the plate” to launch a new work. At the Christmas 2013 premiere of Miniatures, a rousing response was given to the two seniors for their performance. For the recent 2015 premiere of the trio, Pourquoi?, a respected composer commented, “The level of performance in some sections reached a more advanced artistic level.” With the focus on his solo, the violist, the only senior performing in the group, was especially encouraged to hear this.
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With the PAN PIPES Spring 2012 issue and their printing my article, Keeping Music Alive, an overwhelming response came via email. Seventeen teachers from 10 states enquired and eleven ordered the Children’s Course. Six months later, news came from the President of the Northern Westchester Music School who termed the course “revolutionary” and adopted it as the method to be used in the school as well as sending it to the Zambia Orphanage. On Aug. 18, 2012, I was asked to give a piano concert for a charitable event for the Angel Interfaith Network affiliated with CARES to benefit patients at the LAC+USC Medical Center. They received many generous donations and are continuing to receive donations through the CD of my 9 of my original compositions and 5 popular songs which I arranged for piano to connect to the theme of the event. With being commissioned to compose a 2 piano, 8 hands composition from Mr. Thomas Robb, the concert featured this work as a rousing ending to the program. The four young people who performed it wrote their impression of Jaunty. Their comments, “…fun to play and learn”, “…more enjoyable than I had ever hoped”, “…wonderful opportunity” and “…when older, I will remember this” was indicative of how contemporary sounds can be appealing to their spirit.


Jaunty, Op. 59, Rosemary Li, Kelly Yang, Joshua Sun, Michael Tong, 2 Pianos, 8 hands, St. James Episcopal Church, Scarsdale, NY, April 18, 2010. Timeless Piano Solos, Vol. 1, Op. 60, Vision, Embracing, Exhilaration, Nos. 1-3, and Unfolding, Op. 63, No. 3, composer at piano, Tokyo, Japan, June 4, 2010. Believing, Op 46, No. 1, Junko Takaramoto, Tokyo, Japan, June 4, 2010. Timeless Piano Solos, Vol. 2, Op. 63, Promise, Expectation, Nos. 1 and 2, composer at piano, Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 16, 2010. Waiting, Op 53, Junko Takaramoto, Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 16, 2010. Dreaming, Op. 66 performed by composer, CARES, 1st Presbyterian Church, Altadena, CA, Aug. 18, 2012


Jaunty, Op. 59 for 2 Pianos, 8 hands. Songs from Melodic Piano Solos, Op. 61 (Believing, Waiting, Child of God, Unfolding). Timeless Piano Solos, Op. 60, Nos. 1-3, Timeless Piano Solos, Op. 63, Nos. 1-3. Dreaming, Op. 66. MJT Music Publisher.



I was happy to compose music commissioned by Mr. Thomas Robb who specifically asked me to compose for his outstanding students.  The 6 hands, one piano, High Steppin’ Shoes was intended for the 2 students and the teacher, Mr. Robb to join in to have a crowd pleaser at the end of the program.  The special request for the graduating twins, Timothy and Jonathan Ng, both pianists playing a 2nd instrument, Alto Sax and Vibraphone was a refreshing change for me.  Remembering became something the title signifies with the dulcet sounds of the sax, beautifully played by Timothy.


High Steppin’ Shoes, Op. 47, 6 Hands - One Piano by performers, Rosemary Li, Kelly Yang, and Thomas Robb at St. James Episcopal Church, Scarsdale, NY on 4/6/10.  Hope, Op. 46, (S/A/T/B) and Joyous Day, Op. 50 (S/SS/A) premiere of choral works in Osaka, Japan on 10/10/08.  Remembering, Op. 56 - Alto Sax and Vibraphone by performers, Timothy and Jonathan Ng at St. James Episcopal Church, Scarsdale, NY on 6/21/09.  Waves of Love, Op. 48, (S/A/T/B) and Like a Little Babe Op. 49, (S/SS/A) premiere of choral works in Osaka, Japan on 10/3/09.


High Steppin’ Shoes, Op. 47 (2008).  Remembering, Op. 56 (2009).  Songs Of Joy, title of book that includes Joyous Day, Hope, Waves of Love and Like a Little Babe (2008).




We welcome Mary Jane Tashiro to the Composers Bureau with a slightly expanded listing to cover the past two years.

The composer writes. “When teaching at California State University in 1971-73, I promised myself I would compose refreshingly different piano solos for music majors. In 1974, Lyle Murphy, a Golden Score Award Recipient, accepted me as a student for his method called ‘Equal Interval System based on Horizontal Compositions.’ In 1979, after completing eight books of this system, my career as a composer began with the birth of Magical Moving Moments, volumes I and II, with 13 solos. With the 1981 premiere of these works in Switzerland by English pianist Jon Sivell, I felt from the response received that people connected to my music. After I completed book 12, I became the first woman graduate of Equal Interval System (EIS). So gratifying is this process of composing that I completed 30 more solos. I soon became concerned that children were losing interest in playing the acoustic piano as electronic instruments gained popularity, and sensed something was amiss. I wondered why we didn’t have more ‘budding’ pianists that love quality music and are proficient enough to play the great music of the past or even Broadway tunes so people could sing along. If only there were a course of music from which children could learn the notes and have fun playing without too much difficulty. Thus from 1987 to 2003, I completed a Children’s Piano Course with over 250 piano solos. The course has proven successful time and time again whenever a child eagerly enjoys practicing without any prodding. Visit my website, and click on MJT Music (under my picture) to see a list of my published music:


Dawn of Love, op. 43, nos. 1-7, for piano solo: “Dawn,” “Sunlight,” “Mystical Night,” “Mother’s Heart,” “Wings of Love,” “Boundless Joy,” and “Father” were introduced by the composer on December 25, 2005, in Osaka, Japan. Crossroad, op. 44, nos. 1-5, for piano solo: “Crossroad,” “Inner Voice,” “Free!,” “Dancing Flame,” and “Gratitude” were presented by the composer on October 18, 2005, in Osaka, Japan. Waiting, for clarinet, violin, and piano, was introduced June 17, 2007, by Ariana Samalot, Samantha Chan, and Emiko Niesi; the trio was a commission from Tom Robbs, District Chair for the NY State Music Teacher’s Association and adjudicator for the National Guild of Piano Teachers.


Piano Suite, op. 46, four piano solos: “Hope,” “Thoughtful,” “Joy,” and “Believing,” with optional inserts for cello and violin; Waiting, op. 53, three piano solos: “Waiting,” “Surge of Spring 2,” and “Blissful;” both by MJT Music.

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