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David Ward-Steinman   
You are invited to visit the composer's website for more information.

Annual Updates



Commission: Philharmonic Winds of Singapore, Leonard Tan conductor, for performance in 2013. Ward-Steinman was the “Featured Contemporary Composer” on the cover of Directions in Sounds for December 2011 (a monthly publication of WFIU, Bloomington, IN), which included an article about his music. Published an article, “On Composing: Doing It, Teaching It.” Philosophy of Music Education Review, 19, #1 (Spring 2011). He was also featured in a book chapter, “The Composer.” David Baker - A Legacy in Music, ed. Monika Herzig. (Indiana University Press, 2011)


Jewels, Daniella Carvalho, soprano, Martin Hennessy, piano, Carnegie Hall (Weill Hall), NYC, Jan. 2012.


Improvisations On Children’s Songs, Erica Mineo, piano, Rolling Hills Estates CA, June 2011.  Cinnabar, recording by Karen Elaine, viola, David Ward-Steinman, piano, featured on nationally broadcast Composers Datebook (from American Public Media), June 2011. Gemini, Paulo Porto Alegre, Edelton Gloeden, guitars, Caixa Cultural, Sao Paolo, Brazil, July 2011.  Night Winds, The Moran Woodwind Quintet (John Bailey, flute, William McMullen, oboe, Diane Barger, clarinet, Jeffrey McCray, bassoon, Alan Mattingly, horn), CMS National Conference, Richmond VA, Oct. 2011. Under Capricorn, Skyline, and Jamaica Dawn, David Ward-Steinman, piano, Bloomington IN, Oct. 2011.


Love Spiel or the Languages of Love, comic operetta/Singspiel in one Act, libretto by Beaumont Glass (after Mark Twain’s Meisterschaft), Geneseo NY: Leyerle Publications, 2011.  Incantation and Dance for Alto Flute and Fortified Piano or Harpsichord, Merion Music, Inc., Theodore Presser Company, Sole Representative, 2011.  Incantation and Dance for Native American Flute and Fortified Piano or Harpsichord; Also available with accompaniment by Chamber Orchestra, Merion Music, Inc., Theodore Presser Company, 2010. 


Elegy for Astronauts, Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra, Czech Republic, David Amos conductor. All on a Fleur de Son Classics Ward-Steinman, Western Orpheus and Other Works 2011: Moiré, David Ward-Steinman, piano, with San Diego New Music ensemble, David Amos, conductor; Free Improv, James Campbell, clarinet, David Ward-Steinman, piano; The Tale of Issoumbochi, San Diego State University New Music Ensemble with Richelle Trigila, soprano, Jonathan McMurtry, narrator; Suite from the Ballet Western Orpheus, California Ballet Company Orchestra, Donald Barra conductor, Nicholas Grant, violin solos, David Ward-Steinman, piano soloist. Lullaby for Iluka, Tony Gould, piano, Imogen Manins, cello: in Under the Tall Trees, ABC Classics, Australia.



Bard-Alan Finlan has completed a doctoral dissertation at the University of Southern Califronia, Los Angeles, on the subject David Ward-Steinman and his oratorio The Song of Moses: an appreciation and analysis.  David Ward-Steinman was listed among 100 Distinguished Graduates (one of two in music) of Florida State University by the FSU Alumni Association on the occasion of the centennial celebration of the university in 2009. (Centennial Commemorative issue of Vires, the alumni magazine).  Commission: Speak Like a Native, comic opera/Singspiel in English and German, libretto by Beaumont Glass (Leyerle Publications, NY).  Articles accepted for publication: Composition As a Metaphor for Life, Philosophy of Music Education Review (2011).  David Baker: The Composer, Chapter 6 in forthcoming biography of David Baker, ed. Monika Herzig (Bloomington IN: Indiana University Press).


Skyline for jazz piano by David Ward-Steinman at Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club in Melbourne, Australia on 2/23/10.  Prisms and Reflections for piano and Skyline for jazz piano by David Ward-Steinman at Victorian College of the Arts, School  of Music, Melbourne, Australia on 3/25/10, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia on 3/19/10, International Society for the Philosophy of Music Education, Helsinki, Finland on 6/12/10.  Scorpio for Wind Ensemble by Indiana University Wind Ensemble directed by Stephen W. Pratt at Indiana University, Bloomington on 4/6/10.


Derry Airs (Rondo for Jazz Piano), Theodore Presser Company.  Latter-Day Lullabies for piano, E. B. Marks Music Corp., c/o Theodore Presser Company.  Moiré for piano and chamber ensemble, E. B. Marks Music Corp.  Fantango No. 2 for Clarinet & Piano, E. B. Marks Music Corp. (in prep.).


A faculty recital of the composer’s works was presented November 20, 2009, at Indiana University-Bloomington. The recital included the premieres of Jazz Concerto for two pianos and rhythm section, with pianists Ward-Steinman and Levi Graft, bassist Jeremy Allen, and percussionist Trevor-Haining; Bright Star, in a new version for mezzo-soprano and piano, with Marietta Simpson, accompanied by the composer; and Free Improv No. 1, for clarinet and piano, with James Campbell, also accompanied by the composer. Also heard that evening were And Waken Green (baritone Adam Ewing, accompanied by the composer), and Fragments from Sappho (soprano Meghan Dewald, flutist Kathryn Lukas, and clarinetist James Campbell, again with Ward-Steinman at the piano).


Prisms and Reflections, for piano, is scheduled for performance in Helsinki, Finland, in a concert of the composer’s new music in June 2010.




Songs of the Seasons for high voice and fortified piano (Teri Herron and the composer), Fantango No. 2 for clarinet and piano (James Campbell and the composer), and Gemini: Three Pieces for Two Guitars (Thomas S. Tudek and Guido A. Sanchez) were all introduced March 25, 2008, on a faculty recital of the composer’s compositions at Indiana University–Bloomington; the recital also included performances of Cinnabar for viola and piano (Sarah Billing Hart and the composer), Golden Apples for alto saxophone and fortified piano (Laura Kramer and the composer), Bright Star (soprano Teri Herron and the composer at the piano), and The Fall (baritone Adam Chase Ewing accompanied by the composer). David Amos led the Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra in performances of Taj Mahal (Raga for Symphony Orchestra) and Incantation and Dance (for Native American Flute and Chamber Orchestra), January 25-27, 2009, in San Diego, Chula Vista, and El Cajon, CA; Season’s Greetings, for symphony orchestra, was also performed on all three concerts.


The composer accompanied 2008 student recital performances of The Fall for baritone and piano (Adam Chase Ewing) and Cinnabar for viola and piano (Sarah Billing Hart), Indiana University-Bloomington. Concerts of the composer’s music given at the Mingei International Museum, San Diego, CA, January 23, 2009, and San  Diego State University January 24 included performances of Songs of the Seasons (Laurinda Nikkel, soprano and the composer, fortified piano), Prisms and Reflections for piano (the composer), Incantation and Dance for Native American Flute and piano (Timothy Archambault, the composer), Intersections II: ‘Borobudur’ for percussion and fortified piano (John Flood and the composer), and Summer Suite for oboe and piano (Donna Conaty and the composer); the concerts concluded with a group of piano jazz compositions and improvisations on notes from the audience performed by the composer.


Lullaby for Iluka, cello and piano, or piano solo; Incantation and Dance, Native American flute and fortified piano, or Native American flute and chamber orchestra (rental); Taj Mahal (Raga for Symphony Orchestra); all by Merion Music/ Theodore Presser Co. Gemini: Three pieces for Two Guitars; by Hal Leonard/Andriaccio Guitar Series.


ATMOSPHERES – Under the Tall Trees, includes Lullaby for Iluka, cellist Imogen Manins, pianist Tony Gould; ABC Classics (Australia).

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