Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Since 1964, People-to-People projects provide material assistance and encouragement to schools, music organizations and musicians in developing countries in many parts of the world where small things can make a big difference. When appropriate, projects also promote greater knowledge of American music in the more musically advanced countries.



1. INSTRUMENTS – If at all possible, please have all instruments assessed by a professional repairperson BEFORE you donate them.  This is usually a FREE service. This will prevent the shipment of any instrument that is not worth repairing and will save time and money in the end! When in doubt, check with the Director.

2. SHIPPING - The donating chapter or individual will be asked to safely wrap and ship the donation to the appropriate location. Locations will vary but most will be within the United States. Donors will be given clear shipping protocols to follow. Initial shipping must be covered by the donor, whether chapter or individual, unless otherwise specified by the Director. Shipping abroad is usually covered by the Project. You may include the cost of shipping as part of your donation by sending a check to National Headquarters only. The director and drop off locations cannot accept checks.


Please follow the guidelines for music donations below:

  • ORGAN – Find a local American Guild of Organists chapter (AGO) on the web and let the Director know you have made a donation locally.  No requests have been made from the Project in many years for organ music, but areas affected by the hurricanes may experience some requests.
  • PIANO – Please check with the Director before donating beginning piano music.  Currently, the Project has more than enough.
  • STRING, INSTRUMENTAL, VOCAL (solo only)– Please do not include American Pop or Rock and Roll music at this time. We have more than enough with no requests for it.  Broadway is OK.
  • BAND – Pieces (scores and parts) are needed at this time.
  • CHORAL – Please check with the Director before donating choral music.
  • ELEMENTARY – Recorders and recorder music needed.
  • SCORES - The People-to-People Project only rarely receives requests for music scores, but when it does, it is usually for band, orchestral, or chamber music full scores. Single copies of choral music cannot be accepted.

    If you or your chapter would like to donate music to the P2P project, please contact the Director first.




To make a donation

  • Visit our secure online store, SAI Shop, then click the arrow beside 'SAI Philanthropies Inc.' to begin.
  • Instruments and Supplies - Contact National Headquarters

*These are PDF forms which will require Acrobat Reader, available for download free. This form cannot be submitted online, but you may fill in the fields, print the form, and mail it.


Donation Guidelines

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