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Chapter Newsletters   

Chapter newsletters should be sent to all chapter members, the other chapters within the province, the Province Officer, the Region Officer, and the National Executive Board. Contact information can be found in the Fall issue of Tempo! national newsletter.

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Past Newsletter Tips

Martha Ann Lobmeyer, former Newsletter Director

When writing items for a chapter newsletter, whether they are announcements of projects or events to come or follow-ups to those which have already taken place, keep in mind that your active chapter members are not the only ones who will read them. Newsletters are sent to members who can't always make it to every meeting as well as to national and province officers and the Tempo editor. Therefore, articles should contain complete information about an event or project, so that even those not closely associated with your chapter will understand what the project or event is all about. In other words, write as though you are writing for a city newspaper which will be read by strangers, keeping in mind the 5 w's of journalism: who, what, where, when, why. Regular chapter members might understand vague allusions to a project or event, but the same might not be true for members who can't get to meetings regularly, AND, a very interesting event or project may miss getting reported in Tempo if there is not enough information to make it clearly understood by all.


Many of the newsletters I receive have incomplete information on their mastheads. Although this is most often a problem of college newsletters, I also receive a number of alumnae newsletters with the same problem. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE include in your masthead not only your chapter name but also the name of your school and/or city and the date of the newsletter issue (month, season, semester, etc.). It would also be very helpful if you would include your province and the name of your editor. Remember that your chapter members are not the only ones who read your newsletter. Also, copies are surely kept in your archives as an excellent source of your chapter history. With this in mind, try also to use full names when using them in newsletter items. An example of the problems using only first names can cause is the fact that I couldn't print Angi's full name as editor of AESAIOU. News items should include as much information as is available to you. The 5 W's of journalism (who, what, where, when, why) are a good rule of thumb to follow when reporting on an event either before or after the fact. Remember, if you would like to have an item published in Tempo, I have to have all the facts to do so.


Good Newsletter Criteria


A chapter or province newsletter should inform, reflect the personality of the group and promote a feeling of sisterhood.

A good newsletter should inform members of upcoming events and any information concerning them, report on previous events, include news of members and their accomplishments, report province and national news and announce pertinent community events. Perhaps regular columns can be included such as a letter from the President or Editor, a fraternity education segment, College Chapter news (in alumnae newsletters), a calendar of upcoming events, etc.

A good newsletter is easily recognizable by its heading, title and/or logo, chapter, province editor's name and date. The font style and size used should be one that is easily read, and the printing or copying method should be one which results in a clear, clean copy. An uncluttered layout with clew headings helps to make a newsletter more attractive and easily read. Although not a necessity, graphics do tend to catch the eye and draw one's attention to a specific article. Colored paper is ok as long as it is light enough for the print to show up well, although colored graphics, if used, show up better on white. It goes without saying that proper grammar, punctuation and spelling are important.

Whether a newsletter is published monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, it is important that it's schedule of publication is regular and predictable.


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Newsletter Ideas and Clip Art   


This page is devoted to ideas taken from chapter newsletters. If you would like to submit a suggestion or link to your SAI newsletter online, please contact


  • San Diego County (CA) Alumnae has asked its membership to submit designs for a new masthead for the new millennium for its newsletter, SAItems.
  • The Delta Sigma newsletter includes a "Personals" column in which members may send personal messages to one another.
  • The Alumnae chapter newsletters of Kansas City, Fort Worth, Long Beach, Albuquerque and Denver all include columns relating news of college chapters in their respective areas.
  • Delta Lambda issues a special newsletter to its Patronesses and Alumnae.
  • Many college and alumnae newsletters include puzzles and quizzes on Fraternity Education.
  • Reno (NV) Alumnae's newsletter includes a 1/2-page attachment entitled "Schedule of Events" for convenient refrigerator posting and reference.
  • Washington DC Alumnae lists all contributors to the chapter scholarship fund in its newsletter as a way to recognize and thank donors.
  • San Francisco (CA) Alumnae newsletter includes the province newsletter on the reverse side.
  • Eta Tau's newsletter includes news of chapter alumnae.
  • Buffalo (NY) Alumnae's newsletter includes a blank form for members to complete and return to the editor for publication in the next newsletter. It includes spaces for members' news, concert dates, "Kudos", etc.
  • Iota Zeta puts out a special newsletter just for pledges. Zeta Sigma publishes a newsletter issue for prospective members.
  • Eta Mu distributes minutes of chapter meetings to its members via e-mail.
  • Beta Phi mailed questionnaires to all of its alumnae, asking them why they joined SAI, what SAI has to offer them now that they have graduated, their favorite SAI memories, and for an update on their current activities. Selected responses were published in the chapter's newsletter.
  • Each issue of Iota B's province newsletter is prepared by a different chapter in the province. The preparing chapter solicits news from each chapter's editors, who send information on the chapter's activities.
  • Eta Mu's newsletter includes a regular column called, "From the FRED [Fraternity Education] Corner". The column contains national SAI information about scholarships, national history, philanthropies, etc.
  • Zeta Upsilon distributes its newsletter to faculty members.
  • At Rho B's Province Day, chapters brought yearbooks and newsletters to display and exchange publication ideas.
  • Denver (CO) Alumnae Chapter includes a question about chapter or national SAI history in each newsletter. At each meeting, a drawing for a prize is held from the correct written answers submitted by members.


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Clip Art

The following zipped files are collections of clip art suitable for use in chapter newsletters. Files are in TIF and WMF formats which are generally compatible with most graphics software. If you would like to contribute clip art for use by other members, please send it to


Newsletter Tips   

Save paper and postage by using both sides of the paper. If the last sheet, is blank on one side, use it as a mailer by folding the newsletter and addressing and stamping the blank side rather than using an envelope.

Ask members to contribute to the newsletter. For example, have your chapter's Fraternity Education chairman contribute a column on that subject. To collect personal news items from members, pass a spiral notebook around at meetings in which they may write any personal news they wish to see published in the newsletter.

Some chapter newsletters spotlight a different member in each issue by printing that member's bio. Others publish a column listing members birth dates. Some editors from time to time publish recipes of dishes which have been served at chapter events.

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