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Badges and Insignia   

How We Wear Our Badge

The following is taken from p. 18 of the "Manual for Members":

Sigma Alpha Iota members are recognizable by the wearing of official badges. Through the years, customs have grown that direct the manner in which badges are worn.

The member-in-training pin, regulation badge or patroness badge is placed on the left side, over the heart. It is always attached to dresses or blouses, never on suit jackets or coats. The regulation badge should never be turned into a charm.

The recognition pin is worn on a suit lapel or coat collar or lapel as a sign of fraternity membership when the badge cannot be seen.

A guard may be attached to the badge with a short chain and pinned below and to one side of the badge.

If the badge of another fraternity is also worn, it may be chained to the Sigma Alpha Iota badge or be kept separate, but it should not be worn above it. (The two may be worn at the same level beside each other.)

Sigma Alpha Iota badges can be worn only by Sigma Alpha Iota members. Badges and attached awards of deceased or resigned members should be returned to National Headquarters.


Types of Badges

The following is taken from pp. 18-19 of the "Manual for Members":

The official badges of the fraternity are described as follows:

  • The member-in-training pin consists of seven gold Pipes of Pan.
  • The Regulation badge for initiated college members, non-student initiates, and Honorary members has the seven gold Pipes of Pan encircled by a band set with pearls bearing the Greek letters "Sigma," "Alpha," "Iota" on black enamel. Honorary Members wear the regulation badge.
  • The recognition pin has the letters "Sigma," "Alpha," "Iota" above a wreath of laurel and the band of colors.
  • The patroness badge, worn by patronesses initiated since 1925, has the Pipes of Pan modeled in yellow gold bearing raised letters "Sigma," "Alpha," "Iota" and jeweled with seven pearls, all within a gold modeled wreath.
  • The Friend of the Arts and National Arts Associate badge is modeled in yellow gold with the letters "Sigma," "Alpha," "Iota" surrounded by a wreath of laurel leaves.
  • The Member Laureate has a special guard to be worn with her regulation badge.
  • Guards may be obtained to wear with the badges, signifying initiation chapter, offices held, and honors.
  • Members of the National Officers Conference may wear a special guard, a chevron above a shield enclosed in a laurel wreath. The guard of Province Officers is jewelled with a pearl, of Fraternity and Philanthropies Directors is jewelled with a ruby, of National Officers is jewelled with a diamond, and of Philanthropies Board members is jewelled with an emerald.


Other SAI Insignia

The following is taken from p. 19 of the "Manual for Members":

The Coat-of-Arms is not a secret symbol. Members may display it in any appropriate context such as on stationery and award certificates. It is a shield of gold, with the middle third of crimson. In the center is a sword lying in an open book; at the top right a white rose, and at the left a red rose. Above the bar of alternate gold and crimson is a green wreath encircling gold Pipes of Pan. Below the shield is a scroll containing the open motto of the fraternity, "Vita Brevis, Ars Longa" (Life is short, but Art is long).

Other fraternity insignia include the Fraternity colors of crimson and white, the Fraternity flower - a red rose, and the Official seal, appearing on membership certificates, charters, and legal papers of the fraternity. The seal consists of the coat-of-arms set within a curcular border bearing the words "Sigma Alpha Iota 1903."

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