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Guidelines For SAI Chapter Web Sites

This information is concerned with the content and presentation of SAI chapter sites. For help in finding a host or with HTML, check the below categories.


The front page of each chapter web site must contain the name and location of the chapter, including the college or university of college chapters, and the province. "Sigma Alpha Iota" should also appear on the front page.

All chapter web sites should list their chapter name on each page. Each site should be clearly distinguishable from other chapters and from the National SAI site. This can be accomplished in the content of the site, as well as in the Title line of the HTML file.

Contact Information

NEVER post a member's address or phone number without specific written permission. It is safest to use e-mail or school/business addresses on the internet. If you are using a chapter e-mail address, please include a reference to your chapter in the address so that it is clearly your chapter's address and not a national Sigma Alpha Iota contact (i.e. AlphaSAI, SAIUofM, instead of just SAI).




All chapter web sites should include the following:

  • A link to the National SAI Web Site -
  • A link to the Chapter sites via the Province Pages.
  • A link to the appropriate Province page of the National site.
  • Name and E-mail address of a contact person or "webmaster" on the front page of the site.
  • Date of chapter's installation
  • Number of active chapter members


When developing site content, concentrate on chapter information. Consider including the following:

  • Calendar of Events
  • News/Projects
  • Newsletter - complete or selections
  • Chapter History
  • Officers and Committee members
  • Members and Recent Graduates
  • Chapter Awards
  • Programs
  • Membership Information
  • Featured Member
  • Links to specific sections of the National SAI Site - Objectives, History, etc.
  • Links to college/university and Music School or Department
  • Link to other campus music organizations
  • Links to other music resources.

NEVER include ritual information on the internet.



Aim for a PROFESSIONAL appearance.

  • Each chapter site is representing Sigma Alpha Iota to people around the world.
  • Try to portray our character as a music fraternity for professional women in your site's presentation.
  • Make sure your site appears correctly using both Netscape and Internet Explorer.
  • Check your spelling!

Be careful with graphics.

  • Graphics should compliment the content of the site - not distract from it.
  • Make sure text is legible with the background chosen.
  • Too many graphics will slow down your site and may lose customers.


Link Up Your Site

Send your site address to the following organizations to make your chapter easy to find:

  • National SAI Web Site - contact National Headquarters
  • Your School of Music and/or University site
  • Major Internet Search Engines and Greek Pages. Look first for Sigma Alpha Iota and then add your chapter. If SAI doesn't have a national listing there, please contact webmaster@sai-
Keep it Updated

It's helpful to put a date somewhere on your home page so users can tell how current the information is.


Useful Links

Below is a short list of Internet links to get you started.


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