Chapter newsletters should be sent to all chapter members, the other chapters within the province, the Province Officer, the Region Officer, and the National Executive Board. Contact information can be found in the Fall issue of Tempo! national newsletter.

Save paper and postage by using both sides of the paper. If the last sheet, is blank on one side, use it as a mailer by folding the newsletter and addressing and stamping the blank side rather than using an envelope.

Ask members to contribute to the newsletter. For example, have your chapter's Fraternity Education chairman contribute a column on that subject. To collect personal news items from members, pass a spiral notebook around at meetings in which they may write any personal news they wish to see published in the newsletter.

Some chapter newsletters spotlight a different member in each issue by printing that member's bio. Others publish a column listing members birth dates. Some editors from time to time publish recipes of dishes which have been served at chapter events.