This page is devoted to ideas taken from chapter newsletters. 

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  • San Diego County (CA) Alumnae has asked its membership to submit designs for a new masthead for the new millennium for its newsletter, SAItems.
  • The Delta Sigma newsletter includes a "Personals" column in which members may send personal messages to one another.
  • The Alumnae chapter newsletters of Kansas City, Fort Worth, Long Beach, Albuquerque and Denver all include columns relating news of college chapters in their respective areas.
  • Delta Lambda issues a special newsletter to its Patronesses and Alumnae.
  • Many college and alumnae newsletters include puzzles and quizzes on Fraternity Education.
  • Reno (NV) Alumnae's newsletter includes a 1/2-page attachment entitled "Schedule of Events" for convenient refrigerator posting and reference.
  • Washington DC Alumnae lists all contributors to the chapter scholarship fund in its newsletter as a way to recognize and thank donors.
  • San Francisco (CA) Alumnae newsletter includes the province newsletter on the reverse side.
  • Eta Tau's newsletter includes news of chapter alumnae.
  • Buffalo (NY) Alumnae's newsletter includes a blank form for members to complete and return to the editor for publication in the next newsletter. It includes spaces for members' news, concert dates, "Kudos", etc.
  • Iota Zeta puts out a special newsletter just for pledges. Zeta Sigma publishes a newsletter issue for prospective members.
  • Eta Mu distributes minutes of chapter meetings to its members via e-mail.
  • Beta Phi mailed questionnaires to all of its alumnae, asking them why they joined SAI, what SAI has to offer them now that they have graduated, their favorite SAI memories, and for an update on their current activities. Selected responses were published in the chapter's newsletter.
  • Each issue of Iota B's province newsletter is prepared by a different chapter in the province. The preparing chapter solicits news from each chapter's editors, who send information on the chapter's activities.
  • Eta Mu's newsletter includes a regular column called, "From the FRED [Fraternity Education] Corner". The column contains national SAI information about scholarships, national history, philanthropies, etc.
  • Zeta Upsilon distributes its newsletter to faculty members.
  • At Rho B's Province Day, chapters brought yearbooks and newsletters to display and exchange publication ideas.
  • Denver (CO) Alumnae Chapter includes a question about chapter or national SAI history in each newsletter. At each meeting, a drawing for a prize is held from the correct written answers submitted by members.