Chi B Province

Province Officer: Jennifer Dearden

Region VIII Officer: Mary Jennings

Alumnae Chapters

Pittsburgh, PA

Chartered: March 10, 1935
Amanda Fisher, President

Selinsgrove, PA

Chartered: January 1, 1935
Andrea Welch, President

Undergraduate Chapters

Alpha Mu

Chartered: May 16, 1930
Carnegie Mellon University
Madi Ogburn, President

Eta Phi

Chartered: May 4, 1991
Pennsylvania State University
Alison Smith, President

Kappa Beta

Chartered: September 5, 1999
Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania
Sarah Hetzler, President

Kappa Eta

Chartered: December 9, 2000 (Closed)
Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Sigma Omega

Chartered: April 29, 1927
Susquehanna University
Stephanie Shirk, President