Alpha A Province

Province Officer: Bernadette Skodack

Region VII Officer: Ginny Britt

Alumnae Chapters

Ann Arbor, MI

Chartered: June 12, 1945
Dr. Tracy Rudd, President

Detroit, MI

Chartered: October 14, 1946
Giles Simmer, President

Northwest Ohio, OH

Chartered: November 8, 1975
Ashley Klein, President

Pontchartrain, MI

Chartered: April 1, 1967
Lauren Erickson, President

Undergraduate Chapters


Chartered: June 12, 1903
University of Michigan
Michele Ripka, President


Chartered: March 25, 1907 (Closed)
Detroit Conservatory

Epsilon Mu

Chartered: May 5, 1969 (Inactive)
Northern Michigan University

Epsilon Upsilon

Chartered: May 6, 1971 (Inactive)
Adrian College

Gamma Omicron

Chartered: May 17, 1959
Bowling Green State University
Alli Rader, President

Mu Delta

Chartered: December 10, 2011
University of Toledo
Cameron Ortman, President


Chartered: May 24, 1921 (Closed)
Wayne State University

Sigma Mu

Chartered: November 3, 1925
Hillsdale College
Claire Calvert, President