Delta A Province

Province Officer: Kendall Allen

Region I Officer: Mayalisa Bordenkircher

Alumnae Chapters

Covina Alumnae

Chartered: October 26, 1962 (Inactive)

Hollywood Alumnae

Chartered: December 7, 1957 (Inactive)

Las Vegas, NV

Chartered: February 28, 2003
Dr. Lindsey O'Connor, President

Long Beach, CA

Chartered: March 15, 1949
Paula Savastano, President

Los Angeles Alumnae

Chartered: January 1, 1928 (Inactive)

Pasadena, CA

Chartered: April 20, 1940
Emily Sonneborn, President

San Fernando Alumnae

Chartered: July 2, 1956 (Inactive)

Whittier Alumnae

Chartered: July 6, 1956 (Inactive)

Undergraduate Chapters

Alpha Omicron

Chartered: June 7, 1931 (Inactive)
Occidental College

Beta Nu

Chartered: November 10, 1951 (Closed)
Immaculate Heart College

Beta Omega

Chartered: May 7, 1955 (Closed)
Mount St. Mary's

Beta Upsilon

Chartered: May 22, 1954 (Inactive)
California State Univ/Los Angeles

Gamma Chi

Chartered: February 12, 1961 (Inactive)
California State Univ/Northridge

Gamma Pi

Chartered: August 6, 1959 (Inactive)
California State Univ/Long Beach
, President

Kappa Theta

Chartered: April 28, 2001 (Inactive)
University of Nevada/Las Vegas

Sigma Tau

Chartered: June 5, 1926 (Inactive)
University of Southern California

Sigma Xi

Chartered: October 26, 1925 (Inactive)
University of California-LA