Delta B Province

Province Officer: Josian Zdunich

Region I Officer: Clarissa Constantine

Alumnae Chapters

East Bay, CA

Chartered: November 4, 1961
Toni Murdock, President

Hawaii Alumnae

Chartered: May 8, 1982 (Inactive)

Reno, NV

Chartered: October 22, 1995
Jen Erickson, President

Sacramento Alumnae

Chartered: May 17, 1970 (Inactive)

San Francisco Alumnae

Chartered: February 5, 1944 (Merged with chapter)

San Francisco Peninsula, CA

Chartered: January 1, 1944
Laurel Brobst-Gilbert, President

Santa Clara Valley Alumnae

Chartered: April 28, 1962 (Inactive)

Stanislaus County Alumnae

Chartered: June 1, 2003 (Inactive)

Undergraduate Chapters

Epsilon Nu

Chartered: May 30, 1969 (Closed)
University of Hawaii @ Manoa

Eta Omega

Chartered: April 25, 1992
University of the Pacific
Lexi Obregón, President

Eta Omicron

Chartered: April 23, 1989
University of Nevada/Reno
Grace Desilets, President

Gamma Beta

Chartered: June 3, 1955 (Inactive)
Stanford University

Kappa Psi

Chartered: May 31, 2003
California State Univ/Fresno
Laura Cruz, President

Theta Epsilon

Chartered: April 29, 1995
CA State University/Stanislaus
Krystina Karcz, President