Omicron Province

Province Officer: Calle Treppiedi

Region I Officer: Clarissa Constantine

Alumnae Chapters

Albuquerque Alumnae

Chartered: January 10, 1939 (Inactive)

El Paso Alumnae

Chartered: October 28, 1967 (Inactive)

Flagstaff Alumnae

Chartered: September 12, 1981 (Inactive)

Phoenix, AZ

Chartered: April 27, 1959
Marcella Columbus, President

Tucson, AZ

Chartered: January 29, 1938
Patricia Hardy, President

Undergraduate Chapters

Alpha Beta

Chartered: October 1, 1927
University of Arizona
Eden Gateretse, President

Alpha Sigma

Chartered: May 25, 1935 (Inactive)
University of New Mexico

Delta Eta

Chartered: May 18, 1963
Northern Arizona University
Holley Biringer, President

Epsilon Alpha

Chartered: October 29, 1967 (Colony)
University of Texas at El Paso

Gamma Mu

Chartered: November 18, 1959
Arizona State University
Taylor Angilletta, President

Gamma Nu

Chartered: May 1, 1959 (Inactive)
Eastern New Mexico University

Kappa Zeta

Chartered: August 4, 2000 (Inactive)
New Mexico State University