Lambda D Province

Province Officer: Anna-Marie Wright

Region VI Officer: Mary Thomas

Alumnae Chapters

Gainesville, FL

Chartered: February 12, 1983
Dr. Barbara Wingo, President

Sarasota/Manatee, FL

Chartered: October 28, 1978
Francesca Veglia, President

St Petersburg Alumnae

Chartered: April 4, 1957 (Inactive)

Tampa, FL

Chartered: June 2, 1956
Damara Chaudhuri, President

Undergraduate Chapters

Beta Sigma

Chartered: April 23, 1953
University of Tampa
Kelly Collins, President

Delta Chi

Chartered: November 20, 1966
University of South Florida
Lexi Gonzalez, President

Delta Gamma

Chartered: May 13, 1962
University of Florida
Emma Sims, President