Nu Province

Province Officer: Mayalisa Bordenkircher

Region I Officer: Clarissa Constantine

Alumnae Chapters

Moscow/Pullman, ID

Chartered: October 28, 1961
Denise Crossler, President

Portland Alumnae

Chartered: February 26, 1949 (Inactive)

Seattle, WA

Chartered: January 1, 1951
Sallie Baldwin, President

Spokane Alumnae

Chartered: November 10, 2001 (Inactive)

Tacoma, WA

Chartered: June 10, 1952
Joanne Iverson, President

Undergraduate Chapters

Beta Delta

Chartered: May 22, 1948
University of Puget Sound
Carly Dryden, President

Delta Xi

Chartered: May 2, 1965 (Closed)
Pacific University

Sigma Zeta

Chartered: June 3, 1924
University of Idaho
Tori Olson, President

Zeta Kappa

Chartered: May 19, 1973 (Inactive)
Southern Oregon University