Phi B Province

Province Officer: Michelle Werner

Region VIII Officer: Mary Jennings

Alumnae Chapters

Boston, MA

Chartered: November 20, 1948
Melanie Bourgeault, President

Greater Hartford Alumnae

Chartered: June 2, 1978 (Inactive)

New York, NY

Chartered: January 1, 1932
Nicole Davidson, President

Undergraduate Chapters

Beta Tau

Chartered: April 30, 1954 (Inactive)
New York University

Epsilon Zeta

Chartered: May 12, 1968 (Inactive)
Boston Conservatory (at Berklee)

Eta Mu

Chartered: May 27, 1987
University of Hartford
Hannah Jones, President

Gamma Alpha

Chartered: May 15, 1955 (Inactive)
Boston University


Chartered: June 19, 1915 (Inactive)
New England Conservatory

Lambda Phi

Chartered: January 16, 2011
University of Massachusetts/Amherst
Gabby Grondalski, President

Zeta Mu

Chartered: November 10, 1973 (Closed)
Western Connecticut State U

Zeta Pi

Chartered: May 4, 1975 (Closed)
Central Connecticut State U