Pi A Province

Province Officer: Jessica Riggins

Region III Officer: Amy Truax

Alumnae Chapters

Kansas City, MO

Chartered: February 18, 1939
Jane Christison, President

Liberty Alumnae

Chartered: January 15, 1966 (Inactive)

Undergraduate Chapters

Epsilon Omega

Chartered: November 13, 1971
University of Central Missouri
Amy Knost, President

Epsilon Phi

Chartered: May 8, 1971
NW Missouri State University
Delaney Lynam, President

Epsilon Pi

Chartered: December 6, 1969
Truman State University
Holly Peters, President

Eta Epsilon

Chartered: July 31, 1981
Missouri Western State University
Hannah Cavender, President

Gamma Psi

Chartered: April 22, 1961 (Inactive)
William Jewell College
, President


Chartered: April 28, 1922 (Merged with chapter)
Conservatory of Music


Chartered: July 1, 1959 (Inactive)
University of MO/Kansas City

Theta Omicron

Chartered: April 12, 1997
Central Methodist University
Amanda Lewis, President

Theta Rho

Chartered: April 26, 1997 (Closed)
Missouri State University