Tau A Province

Province Officer: Jammie Phillips

Region VI Officer: Mary Thomas

Alumnae Chapters

Atlanta, GA

Chartered: April 6, 1945
Talitha Malone, President

Northwest Georgia Alumnae

Chartered: October 3, 1982 (Inactive)

Undergraduate Chapters

Eta Delta

Chartered: May 30, 1981
Kennesaw State University
Leah Reid, President

Eta Gamma

Chartered: April 27, 1980 (Closed)
Univ of West Georgia

Gamma Eta

Chartered: April 12, 1958
Agnes Scott College
Peyton Capehart, President

Iota Zeta

Chartered: January 30, 1940
University of Georgia
Katie Beth Fowler, President

Kappa Delta

Chartered: May 5, 2000 (Inactive)
Clark Atlanta University

Theta Sigma

Chartered: February 21, 1998 (Inactive)
Clayton College & State University

Zeta Phi

Chartered: April 7, 1979 (Inactive)
Spelman College

Zeta Xi

Chartered: May 17, 1974 (Inactive)
Berry College