Xi A Province

Province Officer: Mily Harrod

Region III Officer: Amy Truax

Alumnae Chapters

Lincoln, NE

Chartered: December 29, 1933
Dr. Jennifer Reeves, DMA, President

Omaha Alumnae

Chartered: August 16, 1962 (Inactive)

Quad Cities Alumnae

Chartered: May 3, 1970 (Inactive)

Waterloo Alumnae

Chartered: April 18, 1947 (Inactive)

Undergraduate Chapters

Eta Nu

Chartered: May 7, 1988
Hastings College
Kaitlynn Schreiner, President


Chartered: March 17, 1915
University of Nebraska/Lincoln
Kelly Callahan, President

Sigma Kappa

Chartered: May 30, 1925 (Closed)
University of Wyoming

Sigma Rho

Chartered: March 18, 1926 (Closed)
Montana State University


Chartered: February 17, 1923 (Closed)
Nebraska Wesleyan College