Xi C Province

Province Officer: Megan Nugent

Region I Officer: Mayalisa Bordenkircher

Alumnae Chapters

Boulder, CO

Chartered: June 11, 1949
Patty Stanfield, President

Colorado Springs, CO

Chartered: September 24, 2016
Sharon Frampton, President

Denver, CO

Chartered: March 22, 1940
Jessica Knieff, President

Undergraduate Chapters

Alpha Phi

Chartered: June 13, 1936 (Inactive)
University of Colorado/Boulder

Epsilon Sigma

Chartered: May 30, 1970 (Merged with chapter)
Colorado Women's College

Eta Kappa

Chartered: July 27, 1984 (Inactive)
Metropolitan State College/Denver

Mu Tau

Chartered: April 23, 2017
Colorado State University
Paige Lincoln-Rohlfing, President

Sigma Upsilon

Chartered: September 30, 1926
University of Denver
Leslie Hisman, President