The following is taken from page 11 of the 60th Anniversary Issue of Pan Pipes, published in May 1964 by Sigma Alpha Iota.

Georgina Potts, a brilliant pianist, came from a very musical family. Showing much talent as a young girl, she took her first piano lessons in her native city, Toledo, Ohio, from Mary Robertson Trowbridge.

Georgina received an Artists Diploma in Piano from the University of Michigan School of Music in 1903. Her special work in piano was done with Albert Lockwood, William H. Sherwood and Frances L. York.

Following her graduation, Georgina returned to Toledo where she has been a most active participant in its musical life. She was one of Toledo's finest piano teachers, maintaining a studio downtown for a considerable time. She has appeared continuously in recitals at home and over the state, and on special club programs. Georgina has held offices in the Toledo Piano Teachers Association, the Eurydice Club, the Monday Musicale (a club of Artists in Toledo), and the American Guild of Organists. She was Organist at the Memorial Baptist Church in Toledo for 29 years.

In 1940 Georgina was made Chairman of the Northwest District of the Ohio Music Teachers Association. In June of 1942 she became the Second Vice President of the Ohio MTA and was instrumental in shaping plans for the three-day State Convention in Toledo in June 1944. She served as State President of the Ohio MTA from 1944-1946.

Among the interesting memos which came to the National Editor from Georgina in 1953 are these - presenting a recital December 2, 1904 at the Unitarian Church in Toledo, assisted by "Elizabeth and Minnie" and Minnie Dillon, a Toledo violinist and in 1927-1928 when Georgina was Director of the Monday Musicale, in March of 1927, they presented Nora Crane Hunt in recital. Nora said of Georgina: "She was and is a brilliant pianist, and has done us great credit."

Georgina's is a rich, full life. She has hobbies of filling scrap books with poetry and historical items, literary and musical, beginning these in 1922. Languages have also been her hobby, studying French, German, Spanish and Russian. She has said: "I will not live long enough to read or do all the interesting things I would like to do."

Some of the most prized memories of many Sigma Alpha Iotas are their moments spent with Georgina at recent National Conventions. Her participation in presenting the College and Alumnae Chapter Achievement Awards and installing the National Officers at the 1962 Chicago Convention were high moments indeed. Her presence with us has been and continues to be a great inspiration.

Georgina Potts passed away on February 2, 1972, eight years after publication of this article. She and Minnie Davis died within ten days of each other.