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Region colors

Region I Provinces

Regional Officer: Mayalisa Bordenkircher

Delta A Province
Kendall Allen

Delta B Province
Kate Kirkpatrick

Delta C Province
Alannah Roberson

Nu Province
Mayalisa Bordenkircher

Omicron Province
Lauren Erickson

Xi C Province
Megan Nugent

Region II Provinces

Regional Officer: Amy Rosine Underwood

Kappa A Province
Kelsee Wuebben

Kappa B Province
Karla Wintle

Kappa C Province
Jacy George

Kappa D Province
Shaun Cherwink

Theta A Province
McKenzie Rice

Theta B Province
Anne Marie Brown

Zeta A Province
Renae Perry

Zeta B Province
Alicia Vanderschaaf

Region III Provinces

Regional Officer: Amber Wingler

Epsilon A Province
Tammy Enevold

Epsilon B Province
Rebecca King

Epsilon C Province
Rebecca King

Pi A Province
Kylie Baima

Pi B Province
Sarah Harper

Xi A Province
Mily Harrod

Xi B Province
Amy Saylor

Region IV Provinces

Regional Officer: Marci Kraus

Mu A Province
Katherine Sam

Mu B Province
Ariel Williams

Omega A Province
Shana Sampia

Omega B Province
Melinda Kemper

Omega C Province
Jasmine Reine-Walker

Psi C Province
Ebonee Woodland

Rho A Province
Haleigh Tibbs Lehofer

Rho B Province
Laura Semmes

Rho C Province
Rebecca Reinhardt

Region V Provinces

Regional Officer: Kendra Reusser

Alpha B Province
Cassie DeHaan

Alpha C Province
Jan Tietsort

Beta A Province
Kati Harrison

Beta B Province
Carlie Allen

Gamma A Province
Tammy Hsu-Hartenstine

Gamma B Province
Samantha D'Adamo

Upsilon A Province
Jess Sheetz

Upsilon B Province
Suzy Segredo

Region VI Provinces

Regional Officer: Anna-Marie Wright

Lambda A Province
Jacqui Ramirez

Lambda B Province
Siteria Gregory

Lambda C Province
Anna-Marie Wright

Lambda D Province
Kathryn Jurado

Tau A Province
Whitney Brown

Tau B Province
Nicole Young

Tau C Province
Dana Gorzelany-Mostak

Tau D Province
Gizelle Dangerfield

Tau E Province
Ruth Sieber Johnson

Region VII Provinces

Regional Officer: Jennie Ross

Alpha A Province
Marie Bonello

Alpha D Province
Ashley Klein

Iota B Province
Britney Hamilton

Psi A Province
Kayla Fielder

Psi B Province
Tinesha Brown

Sigma A Province
Samantha Goes

Sigma B Province
Donna Davies

Sigma C Province
Nicole Behn

Sigma D Province
Kathleen Bartels

Region VIII Provinces

Regional Officer: Mary Jennings

Chi A Province
Kristi Pizzini

Chi B Province
Jessica Stroup

Chi C Province
Ashley Matse

Eta A Province
Holley Chase

Eta B Province
Sarah Towler

Iota A Province
Carolyn Freel

Iota C Province
Courtney McCartney

Phi A Province
Sara Bennett

Phi B Province
Michelle Werner