Iota A Province

Province Officer: Mallory Potter

Region VIII Officer: Mary Jennings

Alumnae Chapters

Baltimore, MD

Chartered: June 24, 1962
Stephanie Stevens, President

Salisbury Alumnae

Chartered: August 26, 2000 (Inactive)

Washington, DC

Chartered: January 1, 1944
Dr. Deborah Volker, President

Undergraduate Chapters

Beta Phi

Chartered: December 12, 1954 (Inactive)
The Catholic University of America

Delta Nu

Chartered: January 10, 1965
Howard University
Aliyah Bivens, President

Gamma Epsilon

Chartered: May 26, 1957
University of Maryland
Brianna Wheatley, President

Kappa Xi

Chartered: May 25, 2002 (Inactive)
Morgan State University

Mu Epsilon

Chartered: December 3, 2011
George Mason University
Jennifer Rohde, President

Nu Delta

Chartered: May 6, 2018
Towson University
Emily Green, President