We honor your commitment to music and Sigma Alpha Iota. You have made it possible for SAI to fulfill the vision of her seven Founders for over 100 years. Certainly there have been changes through the years.

But through all the changes, one thing remains the same: SAI ’s commitment to serving our members, as well as musicians all over the world, through our scholarships, grants and special projects. Our foundation, Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies, Inc., is the vehicle for providing the necessary funding, and we are asking that you make a personal commitment with a contribution again this year.

On another note, SAI Philanthropies, Inc. is excited about the renewed effort of our Bold Notes project, which many of you participated in years ago. The Library of Congress has asked us to begin using software to make music available to people with limited sight. We applaud those members and chapters who are willing to spend time making this project succeed.

Through Impact Grants and Chapter Outreach Grants, our chapters across the nation have a wide-reaching impact on people in all sizes of communities, from young children to college students to professional musicians.

We know that your continued support will allow these projects and scholarships to continue to grow and succeed. A personal contribution adds your name to the Symphony Society for this year. A list of annual donors is displayed on a plaque near a beautiful mural at National Headquarters and appears in PAN PIPES.

We thank you for your past gifts and we look forward to seeing your name in the current roster of members who believe in the mission of Sigma Alpha Iota. Please send in your contribution today.

Symphony Society brochure


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