Epsilon A Province

Province Officer: Marie Zellmer

Region III Officer: Amy Truax

Alumnae Chapters

Madison, WI

Chartered: January 1, 1935
Martha Stoner, President

Milwaukee, WI

Chartered: March 23, 1953
Tammy Enevold, President

Undergraduate Chapters

Alpha Tau

Chartered: June 1, 1935 (Closed)
Carthage College

Eta Alpha

Chartered: April 25, 1981 (Inactive)
Mt. Scenario College


Chartered: April 12, 1921
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Abageal Phelan, President

Sigma Epsilon

Chartered: May 2, 1924 (Closed)
Wisconsin Conservatory

Sigma Psi

Chartered: February 12, 1927 (Closed)
Beloit College

Theta Iota

Chartered: April 26, 1996
University of WI/Platteville
Keely Liska, President


Chartered: May 17, 1917
Lawrence University
Ali Remondini, President