Epsilon B Province

Province Officer: Emily O'Connor

Region III Officer: Amy Truax

Alumnae Chapters

Aberdeen, SD

Chartered: September 30, 1984
Kelly Wieser, President

Fargo/Moorhead, ND

Chartered: May 21, 1950
Billi Jo Plante, President

Grand Forks Alumnae

Chartered: May 19, 1968 (Inactive)

Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

Chartered: October 23, 1982
Dianne Lundeen, President

Minot Alumnae

Chartered: May 17, 1966 (Inactive)

Moorhead Alum

Chartered: November 15, 1969 (Inactive)

St Cloud Alumnae

Chartered: July 9, 1982 (Inactive)

St Paul/Mpls Alumnae

Chartered: January 1, 1948 (Inactive)

Twin Cities Alumnae

Chartered: January 1, 1937 (Inactive)

Undergraduate Chapters


Chartered: April 29, 1923 (Closed)
Macalester College

Delta Kappa

Chartered: May 17, 1964 (Inactive)
Minot State University

Delta Theta

Chartered: April 29, 1964 (Inactive)
Mankato State University

Epsilon Omicron

Chartered: November 24, 1969
Univ of Wisconsin/Eau Claire
Emily Wagener, President

Epsilon Xi

Chartered: September 27, 1969 (Inactive)
St. Cloud State University

Gamma Tau

Chartered: May 15, 1960
Northern State University
Rosemary Vega, President

Gamma Xi

Chartered: May 4, 1959 (Inactive)
Minnesota State University Moorhead

Iota Psi

Chartered: January 24, 1947 (Inactive)
University of Minnesota-Duluth

Kappa Sigma

Chartered: April 26, 2003
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Hanna Hagberg, President


Chartered: November 26, 1916 (Inactive)
University of North Dakota


Chartered: March 26, 1920
North Dakota State University
Lauren Sampson, President


Chartered: April 4, 1923 (Closed)
MacPhail College

Sigma Sigma

Chartered: April 23, 1926 (Inactive)
University of Minnesota