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Region colors

Region I Provinces

Regional Officer: Anne Kleve

Delta A Province
Gwendolyn Brown

Delta B Province
Josian Zdunich

Delta C Province
Alannah Roberson

Nu Province
Mayalisa Bordenkircher

Omicron Province
Jennifer Cady

Xi C Province
Patty Krus Stanfield

Region II Provinces

Regional Officer: Ginger Patterson

Kappa A Province
Andrea Knaack

Kappa B Province
JoAn White

Kappa C Province
Jaynne Middleton

Kappa D Province
Mimi Wong

Theta A Province
Amy Rosine Underwood

Theta B Province
Audrey Thomas

Zeta A Province
Rowena Mills

Zeta B Province
Alicia Vanderschaaf

Region III Provinces

Regional Officer: Amy Truax

Epsilon A Province
Marie Zellmer

Epsilon B Province
Ann Zastrow

Epsilon C Province
Jennifer Henry

Pi A Province
Pat Setser

Pi B Province
Jamie Becker

Xi A Province
Adrienne Dickson

Xi B Province
Sara Danielson

Region IV Provinces

Regional Officer: Sally McElroy

Mu A Province
Beverly Pierce

Mu B Province
Sheree O'Rorke

Omega A Province
Marci Kraus

Omega B Province
Courtney McBee

Omega C Province
Marci Kraus

Psi C Province
Elizabeth Gaskill

Rho A Province
Keri Flowers

Rho B Province
Donna Smith

Region V Provinces

Regional Officer: Peggy Glennie

Alpha B Province
Sally Roach

Alpha C Province
Cassie DeHaan

Beta A Province
Ashley Reed

Beta B Province
Kendra McFarland

Gamma A Province
Cara Anderson

Gamma B Province
Jennifer Shaw Wolter

Upsilon A Province
Gemma Billings

Upsilon B Province
Mary Gendry

Region VI Provinces

Regional Officer: Mary Thomas

Lambda A Province
Hilary Yip

Lambda B Province
Stephanie Espie

Lambda C Province
Laurel Fecko

Lambda D Province
Anna-Marie Wright

Tau A Province
Jammie Phillips

Tau B Province
Diane Jordan

Tau C Province
Claudia Moller

Tau D Province
Kelly Hood

Tau E Province
Bethany Tallman

Region VII Provinces

Regional Officer: Carrie O'Connor

Alpha A Province
Bernadette Skodack

Iota B Province
Jasmine Payne

Iota D Province
Kassi Gulliford

Psi A Province
Ashley Boone

Psi B Province
Ginny Britt

Sigma A Province
Rebecca Sepulveda

Sigma B Province
Kathy Vansant

Sigma C Province
Ashley Wohlwend

Region VIII Provinces

Regional Officer: Mary Jennings

Chi A Province
Mary Frances Bushong

Chi B Province
Karen Smith

Chi C Province
Shannon Trout

Eta A Province
Cori Hahn

Eta B Province
Jennifer Bee

Iota A Province
Betty Barbe

Iota C Province
Rebecca Karos

Phi A Province
Melissa Csengeto

Phi B Province
Michelle Werner